It’s time to build the Next Education Workforce

Learn how to build team-based staffing models

The default one-teacher, one-classroom model of schooling is unsustainable for most educators. As a result, our education system does not reliably deliver quality learning outcomes and experiences for nearly enough people. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity — and obligation — to fundamentally redesign how we staff schools.

The School Superintendents Association through its Learning 2025 Network and Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College have teamed up to help school systems build the Next Education Workforce. 


Why redesign how we staff schools?

Read about the challenge of today’s most prevalent school staffing models and the opportunities created through innovative team-based models.

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How do we create more dynamic staffing models?

Context drives the design and implementation of Next Education Workforce models. Explore school spotlights to see team-based models in a range of contexts.

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Learn to design Next Education Workforce school pilots

The following opportunities are designed for school and system leaders interested in partnering with Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College to build Next Education Workforce models in their schools.

Fall 2023

Learning Cohort

Explore team-based models to launch in Fall 2024 and beyond

Who: Systems-level leaders; Participants typically include: superintendents, heads of human resources, heads of curriculum and instruction, or innovative building-level leaders and teacher leaders
When: September 2023–February 2024
Cost: $2,000 for teams of up to five people. Additional participants may register at a rate of $400/person.

  • Hear from superintendents and principals who have designed team-based staffing models
  • Hear from educators about their experiences working in team-based staffing models
  • Learn about the core elements of team-based models and see multiple examples of these models in action
  • Receive concrete resources for creating instructional, staff, budget, and communication plans
  • Determine in which schools your school system might launch team-based models
  • Receive free registration to the February 2024 Next Education Workforce National Summit and invitations to site visits hosted by ASU and Arizona school systems

At the culmination of these sessions, participants will take a differentiated pathway based on their readiness to pilot team-based staffing models in the 24–25 school year.
Beginning in Spring 2024,

  • Teams who are not ready to pilot team-based staffing models will have the opportunity to continue in the Learning Cohort with office hours and tailored group sessions.
  • Teams who are ready to begin designing pilots will be invited to the Leader Launchpad, the next professional learning series intended for school-level leaders
Learning Cohort Continued
Leader Launchpad
Who Existing Learning Cohort teams (system-level leaders) New principal and school-level leader teams 
What Office hours and tailored group sessions. Seven-session virtual cohort where school-level leaders will gain resources and skills to design team-based staffing model pilots. Participants will leave the Launchpad with teaching and learning, staffing, resource, and communications plans for their fall 2024 pilots.
When January – February 2024 January – May 2024
Cost Included in Learning Cohort fee $2,000 per team of up to five participants 

Spring 2024

Leader Launchpad 2024

Design school pilots for AY24—25

Who: School leaders; participants frequently include building-level leaders, teacher leaders and system-level leaders. Other decision-makers can also be included as desired
When: January–May 2024
Cost: $2,000

  • Set a vision for how team-based models will deepen and personalize learning for all students
  • Identify launching teams for each pilot school
  • Create a draft of your master schedule that prioritizes co-planning time for the core team
  • Draft a plan for how you will use your existing space for pilots
  • Draft a plan for how you will create shared rosters and provide access to formative data for teams to support learners
  • Draft a communication plan for engaging your community

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