Redesigning education for learners and educators

To deliver meaningful and equitable learning outcomes, we need to redesign the profession, the workplace and how we prepare people for both.

The challenge

Nationally, teacher preparation programs have long seen declining enrollment. Teachers switch careers or retire early. They receive less pay and enjoy less social status than many other professionals. We ask teachers to be all things to all people at all times. The job is hard in specific ways that inhibit success. As a result, our education system does not reliably deliver quality learning outcomes and experiences for nearly enough people and communities.

Meeting the challenge

To build the Next Education Workforce, Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College works with schools and other partners to 1) provide all students with deeper and personalized learning by building teams of educators with distributed expertise and 2) empower educators by developing new opportunities for role-based specialization and advancement.

Next Education Workforce Summit
February 2—3, 2022

Join us for expert sessions on research, policy and equity, communities of practice, small-group networking, spotlights on schools and more.

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Next Education Workforce podcast

Join Brent Maddin for conversations with education experts as we ask — and answer — questions of equity, deeper and personalized learning, and how to build a more effective and sustainable education workforce.

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Educator pathways

The Next Education Workforce requires pathways into and through the profession to attract educators, increase retention and drive better learning outcomes.

Community Pathways

MLFTC Community Pathways offer accessible on-ramps to rewarding part-time or volunteer work in schools and other learning environments.
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Professional Pathways

MLFTC Professional Pathways lead to teacher certification and to specializations that allow educators to improve their practice.

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Leadership Pathways

MLFTC Leadership Pathways lead to professional advancement for instructional, organizational and systems leaders.

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MLFTC develops and distributes resources to help teams, schools and districts build effective Next Education Workforce models. Collectively, these resources are designed to increase the capabilities of individual educators, improve the effectiveness of teams and improve the performance of education systems.