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Providing equitable instruction through team-based models

Dec 19, 2023 | About the initiative, Featured


Carole Basile, Dean of the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, joined the Remaking Tomorrow podcast to discuss the future of the educator workforce and the importance of recognizing the structural challenges that educators face within the current one-teacher, one-classroom model. 

“We’re expecting every single classroom teacher to be good at everything, for every kid, all the time,” she said. “And that job description is just not humanly possible.” 

The Remaking Tomorrow podcast features leading thinkers, educators, and experts who are navigating the future of learning by supporting students as they navigate social and technological change.

The college’s Next Education Workforce™ initiative is changing the predominant model of schooling by working with schools and other partners to design and implement team-based strategic school staffing models. In these models, teams of educators who share a common, larger roster of students work together to deliver better outcomes for learners and make the job of teaching more sustainable. The specific design of Next Education Workforce models varies, but the defining characteristic is how they bring together teams of educators with distributed expertise to deepen and personalize learning for students.

“There are no doctors, there are no lawyers and there are no engineers without teachers. So, everything we do hinges on this profession,” Basile said. “We have to get it right, but we’re not going to get it right in the kind of structure that we have.” 

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  • Bruce Watson

    Bruce Watson, EdD serves as senior program manager, marketing and communications for the Next Education Workforce team at Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Bruce curates, contributes to, and publishes the Next Education Workforce blog.

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