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Deeper and personalized learning

The transition to deeper and personalized learning can be challenging. The resources below are intended

  1. to help educators understand the inextricable relationship between deeper and personalized learning and teams with distributed expertise and
  2. to point educators to resources that will help on their journey to deepen and personalize learning for students.

How teams contribute to deeper & personalized learning

Hear from MLFTC Dean Carole Basile about the relationship between deeper & personalized learning and teams of educators with distributed expertise.

Curated, external resources

We’ve proposed lists of resources on deeper learning, personalized learning, and deeper and personalized learning in a virtual setting. These lists, while not comprehensive, have been curated to help educators target their searches.

Deeper learning resources  
Personalized learning resources  
Deeper and personalized learning resources for a virtual setting  

Levels of student autonomy

Levels of student autonomy is a simple system that supports student independence and personalized learning. The resource below explains how you might implement this system in your learning space.

Levels of student autonomy