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Team-based practices

Team-based practices are approaches that leverage multiple adults in order to create deeper and personalized learning opportunities for students.

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5 tips for creating an inclusive secondary school learning model

Leverage special educators’ knowledge and skills to increase your team’s effectiveness.

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Self-organized learning environments

Explore a middle school’s process for facilitating self-organized learning environments for the purpose of inquiring into complex questions with peers.

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Using collaborative tools to implement data-driven flexible grouping

Access tools that helped one educator team fluidly group students throughout the day.

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More team-based practices

Family interviews

Big Picture Learning educators hear multiple perspectives on students’ interests, assets and challenges at the beginning of the year through a process they call family interviews. This is a key first step in meaningfully deepening and personalizing student learning.


Student-led conferences

Explore how one educator team shifted from teacher-owned conferences to a student-led approach. This change supports the team’s goal of creating a student-centered learning environment where learners own their progress and goals.


Community culture questionnaire

Educators at Elm Street Academy created a community culture questionnaire out of their desire to ensure students had a voice in decision-making about community building, rules, policies and student leadership.


10 tips for planning team-based deeper learning

Educator teams at this school co-plan project-based units that support deeper learning. The 10 tips appearing in this document are drawn from their approach to planning.


Student-selected support

In an effort to shift the ownership of learning from educator to student, this school implemented a system for students to reflect on their learning and progress, identify the academic support they need and schedule time to meet with the appropriate educator(s).


Bringing mindfulness into the learning space

Educators share how they give students the opportunity to practice intentional mindfulness each day during student-selected mindfulness time.