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Teaming in a pandemic

Inspired by conversations with our partners in advance of the 2020–21 academic year, MLFTC created these resources to support schools as they explore ways to team online, adjust the roles of teacher candidates as a result of COVID-19 and deepen and personalize learning in a remote context.

​New support roles for educator teams in online & hybrid settings

Teaching in online and hybrid settings presents both new challenges and new opportunities for distributing expertise across educator teams. Community educators, teacher candidates, paraprofessionals and existing non-instructional staff may be untapped assets for teams seeking to better support students’ social-emotional health, deepen and personalize student learning, and increase the number of caring adults present in students’ lives.

This resource begins by defining the groups of adults who might be leveraged to support students, and then proposes the specific roles those adults might play in the learning space.


Next Education Workforce teams in remote environments

In this slide deck, you’ll find several recommendations for how remote teams of educators might best meet the needs of students.


Deeper and personalized learning resources for a virtual setting

Exploring a new topic can be exciting. We want to help make sure your exploration is productive, with targeted searches from reliable sources. This list, while not comprehensive, offers good resources for planning and implementing deeper and personalized learning for a virtual setting.