Community Pathways

MLFTC Community Pathways empowers community members and parents to complement the work of teachers and schools.

Community Pathways lead to paid or volunteer work in schools and other learning environments; they can also provide the first steps for people interested in becoming professional educators. Parents and guardians also benefit by mastering instructional skills to support their children’s learning. Community Pathways include small, stand-alone modules, courses and experiences. These resources allow learners to explore a variety of educational skills, earn micro-credentials and right-size their learning according to their needs.

Home educators

Anyone who has ever supported a child’s academic or emotional growth outside of school is a home educator. With these short and free courses, you can master instructional skills and complement the work of teachers and schools.

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Reading | Writing | Math | Being Mindful | Physical Activity

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Community educators

Community educators are adults who bring additional capacity, insight, talent and expertise to learning environments. With these courses, you can learn to complement professional educators working to provide students with deeper and personalized learning.

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School 101 Backpack | Reading Accelerator Backpack

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Resource collection for schools

Explore a collection of resources developed to support schools as they build community educator pipelines and meaningfully incorporate community educators into educator teams.

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