Community Pathways

MLFTC Community Pathways offer accessible on-ramps to rewarding paid or volunteer work in schools and other learning environments.

Community Pathways lead to paid or volunteer work in schools and other learning environments; they can also provide the first steps for people interested in becoming professional educators. Community Pathways include small, stand-alone modules, courses and experiences. These resources allow learners to explore a variety of educational skills, earn micro-credentials and right-size their learning according to their needs.

School 101

Whether learning online or working in classrooms, the strategies, tips and ideas presented in this bundle or “backpack” of courses will lay the foundation for what it looks like to successfully support teachers and students.

Reading accelerator 

This “backpack” of five courses prepares community educators to provide one-on-one or small-group reading support with students at many grade levels, from diverse backgrounds and of varying abilities.