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The Next Education Workforce offers professional learning for educator teams and leaders at all stages of school transformation, whether they’re just learning about this innovative staffing model or are exploring, launching or expanding Next Education Workforce teams in their schools.

Explore professional learning designed to help you explore and build team-based Next Education Workforce models. We designed the following professional learning resources with your time and needs in mind, whether you’re just learning about this innovative staffing model or are exploring, launching or expanding Next Education Workforce teams.

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Are you interested in learning what it takes to build a team-based Next Education Workforce model in your school or school system? If so, monthly info sessions are a great place to start. Learn more about our virtual information sessions.

Prepare to pilot Next Education Workforce teams

Learning Cohort

Who it's for: School and systems leaders
Time commitment: Monthly virtual meetings between September 2022 and January 2023

Through AASA (The School Superintendents’ Association) and their Learning 2025 Initiative, ASU is hosting a cohort of school systems across the country interested in exploring team-based staffing models. Participants will:

  • Hear from superintendents and principals who have designed team-based staffing models
  • Learn about the core elements of team-based models and see multiple examples of these models in action
  • Receive concrete resources for creating instructional, staff, budget, and communication plans
  • Determine in which schools and with which grade level(s) your district might launch team-based models

Professional learning for Next Education Workforce teams

The following resources are designed for educator teams who are building or are a part of Next Education Workforce models in their schools.

Summer Institute

Who it’s for: Educator teams, school-based leaders
Time commitment: An annual, multi-day gathering

Lay the groundwork for a successful year with the Next Education Workforce Summer Institute, which provides participants with dedicated time for team-based collaboration. Sessions focus on developing team culture and the critical structures and systems that allow teams to distribute expertise and deepen and personalize learning for students. These sessions are ideal for both novice and veteran teams of educators and school-based leaders.

The next Summer Institute will take place June 20 - 23, 2022. Learn more

Networked cohorts for launching teams

Who it’s for: Newly-formed educator teams who share rosters of learners
Time commitment: Six 90-minute virtual sessions

Join a community of practice for educator teams who are launching Next Education Workforce models. Networked cohorts provide structure for teams to learn from each other and prioritize sheltered team-based collaboration time. Interactive cohort sessions focus on how teams together deepen and personalize learning for all students and empower teams to select next steps for implementation and refinement.

Elements-aligned deep dives

Who it’s for: Educator teams
Time commitment: Four 2-hours sessions.

Dive deeper into the big ideas highlighted by the Next Education Workforce. Sessions address key elements of Next Education Workforce models, which aim to 1) provide all students with deeper and personalized learning by building teams of educators with distributed expertise and 2) empower educators by developing better ways to enter the profession, specialize and advance. These sessions are ideal for teams of educators who want to deepen their understanding and practice of these elements.

More Next Education Workforce events and resources

Next Education Workforce Summit

This annual event, designed for school and systems leaders, includes expert sessions, communities of practice, small-group networking and spotlights on schools.

Educator Pathways

ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College also offers additional training and degree programs for educators. Learn more about opportunities and resources for Next Education Workforce partners.

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