Next Education Workforce Summer Institutes

Summer 2023 professional learning for educator teams

Join the Next Education Workforce team for summer 2023 professional learning.

Who should register?

  • New educator teams: Educator teams and school leaders who are launching Next Education Workforce models in fall 2023 should register for one of two virtual Summer Institutes focused on Launching Team-Based Models.
  • Established educator teams: Educators teams who are from Expanding and Sustaining schools should register to attend the in-person Summer Institute focused on Deepening Team-Enabled Practices.

How can I learn more?

Click on each event to explore the format, schedules, costs and more.

What are past participants saying?

“Summer Institute is a great way to shift your practice, quickly. Lots of new learning with plenty of planning time.”

“Summer Institute is the most impactful PD I’ve been to so far in my career.”

“This is an opportunity to learn more about teaming and meeting the individual needs of the students.”

“Summer Institute is a great way to kick start your next learning adventure.”

“This is going to change the way you want to walk into your classroom this fall.”