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Stevenson Elementary School

Stevenson Elementary School is a Title I school located in Mesa, Arizona that takes a dynamic approach to serving about 700 students in preschool through 6th grade. The school’s Next Education Workforce model wraps teams of educators around students in grades K-6 with the goal of providing deeper and personalized learning. Each core educator team includes certified teachers with expertise in a specific content area (e.g., English Language Arts, math, science, social studies), one of whom serves as the lead teacher for the team. Core educator teams are joined by special education teachers, a reading interventionist, special area teachers, specialized paraeducators and community educators. In the resources below, you’ll learn how they’re implementing a Next Education Workforce model, explore their schedule and see their learning space layout.

The team-based model 

Hear from principal Krista Adams about the educator teams’ dynamic approach to supporting students.

Deeper and personalized learning

Hear from students about Stevenson’s approach to student-centered learning, including student voice and choice in learning paths.