Professional Pathways

MLFTC Professional Pathways lead to a variety of careers in education that entail working with children, youth or adults in schools and other organizations.

Professional Pathways lead to teacher certification as well as to specializations in such areas as special education, digital pedagogy and more. Professional Pathways include bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, as well as shorter learning experiences designed to deepen professional knowledge and advance professional practice.

Professional experiences conducted through MLFTC Professional Pathways expose students to many ways of teaching, learning and working. Through internships, residencies and other professional placements, students learn to work in teams under the guidance of ASU faculty, peers and professionals in the field. 

Bachelor’s degrees

MLFTC programs deliver the right blend of subject matter knowledge, classroom techniques and professional teaching experience to help students thrive as educators. School principals and superintendents view graduates as having the poise and skills of second-year teachers.

Master’s degrees

Master’s degrees at MLFTC develop collaborative leaders who bring people and ideas together to enrich the lives of learners, the impact of educators and the performance of education systems.


Graduate certificate programs help students develop new expertise in a variety of specialty areas. By expanding their knowledge, competencies and skills, students acquire the tools they need to advance their careers and improve education.