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Team-Supported PBL

Are you interested in incorporating project-based learning into your team’s learning environment?

Elements-aligned deep dives provide an opportunity for teams and individuals to deepen their practice around particular elements of Next Education Workforce models. This deep dive on Team-Supported PBL empowers your educator team with a foundational understanding of project-based learning and brings this understanding to life through the creation, modification or review of a PBL unit.

Series details
  • Time commitment: Four 2-hour sessions; All four sessions in the deep dive sequence build on each other, and each session includes dedicated time for teams and individuals to apply their learning to their own contexts.
  • Format: Synchronous virtual sessions 
  • Cost: $100 per person
  • Who it’s for: Educators who are members of teams at expanding or sustaining schools. If you have launched your team-based model and are ready for next steps in refining your model, this Elements-aligned deep dive series is for you
What to expect

 In this Team-Supported PBL series, you will explore:

  • How Next Education Workforce team-based structures can strengthen the PBL instructional approach
  • Key components of team-supported PBL
  • The steps of designing a standards-based PBL unit that also maximizes your team’s distributed expertise
  • How to craft driving questions and project benchmarks
  • How to incorporate authentic assessment and plan for reflection by students and educators
  • How to make learning public through the final product presentation and showcase
  • Additional resources for PBL

Registration closes Feb. 2, 2023, one week before the deep dive sequence begins.